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Skype for Business

IT Support with Skype for Business

As Skype for Business becomes more deeply integrated into the Office 365 suite, we are now looking to use it to help support our customers. Find out more

Skype for Business

Replace your phones with Skype for Business

With its integration into Teams, Skype has matured into a valuable business tool that can replace your desktop phone system. Find out more

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Simplify appointments with Microsoft Bookings

Part of Office 365, Microsoft Bookings lets your customers easily schedule appointments and helps your colleagues save time. Find out more...

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Find relevant documents fast with Microsoft Delve

Microsoft Delve helps find and organise the documents you and your team need with without having to search your network manually and it’ll make suggestions too. Find out more...

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Improving productivity with Microsoft Teams

We're using Microsoft Teams, a new message-based tool in Office 365, to improve our processes and enhance customer service. Find out more...

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Small businesses benefit from Microsoft Cloud

You don't have to be a big enterprise to see the short and long-term benefits of moving to the cloud. Find out more...

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Agile businesses use Office 365

Save money, improve security and increase flexibility. Working in the cloud offers many benefits even if you rarely work away from the office. Find out more...

Easton and Otley College add Office 365

When Easton and Otley College needed email for 4000 students, they turned to Strident and Office 365. Find out more...