Secure Secure
We help protect your business from attacks and data loss, quickly restore your business processes and help you on the road to GDPR compliance.

Safe and Secure

Keeping your data safe is critical to your business and an important part of complying with the General Data Protection Regulation. We ensure all your systems are configured in a robust and secure manner and provide services such as anti-virus and spam control to ensure security and productivity. As threats become more sophisticated, we protect your business from malicious viruses and ransomware in email and can secure your entire laptop or desktop using advanced data encryption so only you can access it.

Secure Device Management

Our device management software allows PCs, laptops, servers and software to be easily managed to ensure security and smartphones and tablets can be tracked and wiped remotely. Our identity management software securely stores usernames and passwords for all your colleagues, allowing administrators to easily manage and protect user permissions.

Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keeping your data backed up ‘off-site’ is essential and our Online Backup and Disaster Recovery plans ensure your data is automatically and securely saved. Backing up to the cloud means your data can be retrieved in any location, providing strong disaster recovery. Our cloud-based virtual servers can replicate all on-site server tasks, protecting you from hardware failure and ensuring your business continues to function.

Secure Data Centre.