Silver Awards

Silver Awards - November 2018

The last of our 25 Silver Awards are being presented this month. In November, we are delighted to have helped; Papyrus, Headway Essex and St Helena Hospice.

Silver Award for Papyrus


Papyrus has been nominated by Strident customer, Kingsfleet Wealth. Managing Director, Colin Low, explains how they have recently employed a young man who impacted them greatly.

"In the week before he was due to join us we received a call to say that he may not be able to make it in on his first couple of days. Fearing that this hinted at a workshy attitude, I asked for more information. Sadly, he informed me that this was due to his elder brother (himself in his mid-20s) had taken his own life. In time he joined us, impressed us and, ultimately, moved away to be nearer to his family, for obvious reasons. However, his story, his family's grief and his determination to get through it have left an indelible mark on all of us. During his time with us he received support from a wonderful charity called Papyrus and we have tried to give back to them during the course of this year."

Headway Essex

In Essex, every 58 minutes, somebody is admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury. Brain injury charity Headway Essex has mission is to ensure that everyone in Essex living with an acquired brain injury can live a fulfilling life and that families and carers are better able to cope within their caring roles.

Headway was nominated by Lucinda Sharp, who's father was left with a brain injury after a cycling accident. "Although my external physical wounds soon cleared up I was left with brain damage caused by the bleed in the brain and the pressure that it caused," recounts Mr Sharp. "In hospital I was visited by the Headway team who arranged for me to attend the Headway Centre to assist my recovery, sessions of speech therapy and other specialist consultants. Although I knew I would never make a full recovery or be able to return to work, with the help of Headway I was able to obtain a good quality of life and without this help I'd be nowhere as positive, I am sure."

Silver Award for Headway Essex
Lucinda Sharp (left), with her father accepting a Silver Award for Headway Essex
Silver Award for St Helena

St Helena Hospice

St Helena Hospice helps local people face incurable illness and bereavement, supporting them and their families, friends and carers. They also support children and adults who are facing bereavement. By focusing on their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, they aim to bring comfort and relief to all those who need it, offering the people of North Essex individual care and total support, regardless of their diagnosis or personal circumstances.

The hospice was nominated by Lucinda Sharp where her sister works as a care coordinator on the in-patient unit. "I triage admission referrals as beds are available and facilitate safe discharges to places of care as per patient/family wish. When my nan was diagnosed with lung cancer, she attended the outpatient clinics and stayed at the hospice. All the people that work at the hospice are amazingly friendly, helpful and supportive. They make such a difference during the worst times of people's lives and provide the light to help people through the darkness."