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Two-thirds of German manufacturers have faced cyber-attacks

A recent Bitkom survey revealed that two-thirds of German manufacturers have faced cyber-attacks which has cost them up to £40 billion. Bitkom surveyed 503 managers and security chiefs from Germany's entire manufacturing sector and determined SMEs to be the most vulnerable to attacks. Read the full report on Reuters.

No security through obscurity

"These findings could easily be replicated in the UK. It's clear that smaller to medium businesses are a prime target for cyber-attacks as many do not have the necessary security procedures in place. Many businesses feel they'll never be noticed in the crowd but with malicious attacks becoming more automated and sophisticated, I'm afraid it is 'when' of 'if' the attack will come," explains Chris Joberns, managing director at Strident.

Cyber Essentials was launched by the UK Government to help businesses avoid the risk of internet-based threats to their IT systems. The scheme is a response to the growing prevalence of cyber-attacks on businesses, such as hacking for customers' details or extortion via ransomware. "Much like the MoT certificate for your car indicates it is road-worthy, the Cyber Essentials certification shows that your business has passed a series of tests and follows best practices to be cyber-secure," adds Chris. "Strident is very proactive in IT security and many of the actions required by Cyber Essentials. This will enable our customers to reach the Cyber Essentials standard with ease."

Securing Mobile Devices for just £1.50 per device per month

According to the article 'the survey identified risks across the spectrum, with a third of companies surveyed reporting mobile phones had been stolen and a quarter saying they had lost sensitive digital data.' iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets are commonplace in businesses but it's often been difficult to manage and secure these devices in the same easy way as desktops and laptops.

Using ESET Mobile Device Management allows you to centrally and remotely manage all your devices, ensuring users and data are protected easily and helps you meet your GDPR requirements. Mobile devices have a higher chance of being lost or stolen so it's essential that the same degree of data security is applied as you would with a laptop.

The GDPR requires that you take all reasonable and practical steps to secure sensitive information, and Mobile Device Management now makes that easy for just £1.50 per device per month.