Scam email

Phishing, Spam and Impersonation attacks: what can you do?

The first this to do is download our Guide to spotting and preventing phishing and spam emails (PDF) and share it with your colleagues. It contains;

  • 10 tips to help spot a malicious email
  • Impersonation attacks: how they work


Up-to-date Anti-spam and anti-virus software is essential, but attackers are using clever techniques to still get through. User vigilance is an important part of defeating email threats and this handy guide will help you protect your inbox and your data.

Impersonation Attacks

Are your internal emails really from your colleagues? Detailed impersonation attacks aim to trick users.The attackers pretend to be senior business managers instructing colleagues to transfer money or release information to the attackers' account. Read more about impersonation attacks

What to do if you've already been fooled

If you're unfortunate enough to have been fooled but fortunate enough to be a Strident customer, then please call our helpdesk and we will help to get you systems back safe and secure.

If you're not a Strident customer of would like to discuss protecting your business and your colleagues from cyber attacks, then please call 01449 835 820.