Mobile Device Management

Secure and manage phones and tablets with Mobile Device Management

iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets are commonplace in businesses but it's often been difficult to manage and secure these devices in the same easy way as desktops and laptops.

"Smartphones, tablets and laptops improve our productivity by allowing us to be flexible and have our essential business data at our fingertips. However, the ability to carry sensitive information out of the office requires us to make sure these devices are a secure as possible. Working with Strident, we ensure all laptops are encrypted and devices are covered by Mobile Device Management to provide the highest data security for us and our customers," said Marlini Finney, finance director for Challs.

Using ESET Mobile Device Management allows you to centrally and remotely manage all your devices, ensuring users and data are protected easily and helps you meet your GDPR requirements. You can;

  • Increase the security of your devices
  • Manage passcodes, settings and restrictions
  • Block particular apps and filter web content
  • Lock, unlock and wipe all the data
  • Push settings for Exchange, Wi-Fi and VPN ... and much more.

The level of control can be easily customised to your company's data protection policy. You may wish to have stricter policies for company-issued devices and simpler policies for colleagues' own devices.

Help meet your GDPR requirements for just £1.50 per device per month

All your business data could be easily accessed on your colleagues' phones and tablets and hoping they have set sufficient security isn't enough. Mobile devices have a higher chance of being lost or stolen so it's essential that the same degree of data security is applied as you would with a laptop. The GDPR requires that you take all reasonable and practical steps to secure sensitive information, and Mobile Device Management now makes that easy for just £1.50 per device per month.