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Case Study – Greens Removals use Microsoft Teams to improve productivity

When colleagues at Greens Removals needed to work on the same document at the same time, Microsoft Teams provided an easy and secure solution.

Greens Removals and Storage Ltd has been helping people to move home or office since 1970. Its experience and reputation has helped it become one of East Anglia’s largest and best known privately-owned removal companies, offering worldwide, domestic and commercial removal services.


As the business has grown, Greens has taken on additional staff to support the increasing workload. Import coordinator clerk, Debbie Greens has been joined by Michelle Gissings, to assist in international removals. “As the team has grown, we needed to look at better ways of working together,” explains Michelle. “Debbie and I both need access to our important container log spreadsheet on a constant basis, so we needed a way of sharing and collaborating on this at the same time.”


Traditionally, files such as spreadsheets only allow one user to edit at a time. By moving the spreadsheet to Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based document sharing platform, Debbie and Michelle can work on the same spreadsheet simultaneously.

“It is not practical to continually open and close the spreadsheet locally. By working in Teams in the cloud, we can both work on it at same time, providing we are not editing the same cell, and it continuously saves the changes made.” The solution has worked well and Greens is considering moving more more files to Teams.


Microsoft Teams in Office 365 helps users collaborate more easily, share resources and get more done. “Teams brings together the power of Office 365 online applications, cloud-based files storage via OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint and offers a chat-based workspace,” says Chris Joberns, Strident’s managing director.

“It makes it easy and secure to share resources, such as Greens essential container log spreadsheet. The file is continuously saved and revisions recorded, so multiple people can work on or view a file from any device and be confident they have the latest information.”

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