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Case Study - Ryco Coatings upgrade to a hybrid solution

Ryco needed to share information efficiently around the business and a cloud and premise solution was the answer.

Ryco Coatings produces high quality protective covers for hardback and paperback books, helping to preserve millions of books in the public library sector, schools and universities as well as books for personal use.


When Dublin-based Ryco bought a business in Thetford to expand its operations, it inherited an older IT system that needed upgrading to meet the company's growth plans.

"There was no easy way to share information between ourselves and our colleagues at head office in Dublin," explains Dave Meadows, Ryco's IT Manager. "In addition, we had older POP-based email system which needed to be upgraded."

Ryco needed to be able to run its business applications so that all colleagues could access the necessary information and wanted improved flexibility and performance for their email needs.


Ryco spoke with Strident and a hybrid solution was agreed on, with a high-performance premise-based server providing the company's business applications while Microsoft Office 365 accounts provide a comprehensive cloud-based email solution.

With 15 users in the Thetford and further 6 users in Dublin, it was decided that Dublin would remotely access the centralised finance and bespoke business applications at the Norfolk site. Backups to external drives ensure all business data is secured.

Strident uploaded each users' historical email to their new Office 365 accounts to provide a cloud-based backup to this essential information as well as continuity.


"We can now work closely with our colleagues regardless of location," says Dave. "And it's obviously far more efficient and productive to have access to same information systems across the business."

While Office 365 is primarily being used for email to begin with, Dave notes that some colleagues are already sharing contacts and calendars. "It's a system that I'm sure we'll get more and more out of a time progresses and will grow with our business."