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Case Study - Bruntons secures customer data

Data encryption underlines the professional approach at Bruntons to keep customers' information safe.

Bruntons Propellers designs and manufactures just about every type of marine propeller in regular use today. Based in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, Bruntons has more than one hundred years' experience in all aspects of vessel propulsion including leisure yachts, sail or power, and small to medium size commercial and naval vessels.


Bruntons' expert knowledge as enabled them to secure contracts with the UK's Ministry of Defence. "As part of our work with the MoD, we reviewed our security and decided that there was potential for sensitive information stored on laptops to be taken out of the office. We decided to increase the levels of security on these machines to prevent data loss if the laptops were lost or stolen," explains Adrian Miles, Managing Director at Bruntons.


After discussion with Strident, Bruntons decided to use high-level data encryption software to secure the data on the laptops. "Strident visited our offices and quickly set-up and secured our laptops, it was a very smooth process," said Adrian.

"All the data on the hard drive is encrypted, which means a password is required as soon as it is turned on, even before Windows has started," explains Chris Joberns at Strident. "Without the password, all the data is unreadable, even if a highly determined person were to remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer."

The system is so secure that there is no need to remote wipe, as this would require the laptop to connect to the internet and provide an opportunity for the laptop to be compromised.


In the event that a secured laptop is lost, Bruntons has the peace of mind that sensitive information on it cannot be accessed and they are meeting their commitments to keep their customers' data safe. "Data encryption underlines the professional approach we take to look after all our customers," said Adrian.