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Case Study - James Blake Associates

When James Blake Associates updated their old servers and electronic filing system, a move to an energy-efficient Green IT solution complemented their sustainability and ecological work.

James Blake Associates Ltd is multi-disciplinary business with landscape architects, landscape planners, urban designers, landscape managers, arboriculturists and ecologists delivering environmental planning services.

"Sustainability and ecological services and systems are at the heart of the work we do here. We are focused on delivering holistic, low maintenance green infrastructure, ecology and, ultimately, healthier communities that use the spaces we design for living, work and leisure," explains James Blake, Chairman at James Blake Associates.


The company wanted to upgrade its computer network at its head office in Lavenham, Suffolk to provide more power to users. Two older servers needed to be replaced and the business wished to improve the speed of its electronic filing system.

"When we spoke to Strident regarding upgrades the opportunity to move to a more powerful yet energy-efficient system was very appealing, sitting well with our green philosophy and reducing energy costs," adds James.


One energy-efficient server replaced the existing two servers, providing far more computing power yet requiring significantly less electrical power to run. In conjunction with this James Blake Associates moved their email system to Microsoft's cloud-based Office 365 system and their backup to a secure online backup system.

In addition to the extra security that off-site email and backup offers, it also reduces the computing resources required locally further improving the energy efficiency of their IT system.

In addition to supplying the hardware, Strident worked hard to secure funding for James Blake Associates. We were able use the Low Carbon KEEP scheme from Anglia Ruskin University and ERDF to fund 40% of the upgrade. Although this scheme is now closed, assisting businesses to become more environmentally friendly remains an important issue and we are constantly searching for other schemes to help our customers.


"As IT hardware continually develops it is possible to meet separate goals of providing greater productivity and capacity while using less resources to do so," says Chris Joberns, Managing Director at Strident.

"Every business should be looking at its environmental impact and doing what it can to lessen it. We work closely with our clients to provide the best environmental solution and its great that Strident has been able to do the same for us," said James.