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Easton and Otley College add Office 365

Easton & Otley college, combining the Easton campus near Norwich and the Otley campus near Ipswich, serves more than 4000 students. The college offers a wide range of courses and works closely with the organisations in the land-based sector to ensure students develop the skills they need for future employment and building a successful career.

Email is the preferred communication method between faculty staff and students but with more than more 4000 students and 100 staff, a secure and easily managed email system is essential.

Each year more than 1000 students enrol and leave the college and each student receives a college email address as part of their enrolment. The ability to easily add, remove and manage students is necessary for the college's IT staff.

The college already operates Microsoft Exchange server to deliver email to the college's 100 staff, which is supported by Strident. However, with such large student population, the resources required to extend this system would prove prohibitive.

After consultation with Strident, Microsoft Office 365 was chosen to deliver student email, giving the college a hybrid solution that allows the online only Office 365 to integrate smoothly with the college's Exchange system.

"Strident's expertise in the implementation and configuration of Office 365 is invaluable and ensures that this essential system runs smoothly, " said Richard Vickerstaff, Head of IT at Easton and Otley College. In addition to Office 365, Strident provides support for all 11 of the college's servers.

"Office 365 allows each student to have a virus-scanned, 50Gb email box that is hosted online, so it does not affect college resources," explains Chris Joberns, Strident managing director.

"Active Directory Powershell provides a powerful control system that allows college staff to create or remove hundreds of accounts at a time. In addition, security and passwords reminders are handled by Office 365 removing the IT burden from the college's IT department."