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Peter rewarded for 'great work ethic'

Posted on: 07 Apr 17

We are delighted to award Peter Fray ‘Colleague of the Month’ for his consistently diligent and accurate work. “Peter has been a valued member of Strident’s team since he joined 2012 and received the award for his great work ethic,” said Kevin Benton, Strident’s development director.

“I received a 'Colleague of the Month' award in March 2017 after quickly handling a '2017 Show Dates' job. There was a list of about 178 shows or agricultural societies on the associated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. That can be quite a complicated job for some data inputters, yet I used my computing talent and experience to find the correct date ranges,” explains Peter.

Judged on my abilities

“I have Asperger's Syndrome, which is part of the Autism Spectrum, and linked to things like learning and social interaction difficulties. Despite this, no-one should prevent me from doing the things I can do just because I have the condition.

“Asperger's Syndrome is a disability, but I should be judged on my abilities. If I can do the jobs that I have done over the years, anyone can. I am a talented employee, and I can help whilst being helped myself. If my Strident colleagues are as supportive and understanding of my needs as they have been, all workplaces across the United Kingdom should be equally autism friendly,” adds Peter.

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