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Moving to the cloud is the low carbon IT solution

Posted on: 21 Apr 15

Moving to the cloud is the green IT solution and there is funding to help you.

As a Suffolk Low Carbon Charter member at Gold level, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and helping others to do the same. We are the experts in low carbon information technology and can help you reduce your carbon emissions by moving from premise to hybrid and cloud systems. It's great for you and your company image.

Cloud-based solutions can reduce carbon emissions by up to 92%

Microsoft figures show that cloud-based services are inherently more environmentally friendly as resources are optimally shared among users. Practically, when internet connectivity is poor, a hybrid solution with small, efficient on-site servers makes more sense. As an example, a move to a energy-efficient file server complemented by cloud-based email will reduce your energy consumption, improve productivity and save you money.

Premise Hybrid Cloud
Servers for files, email and data on premise Files and data servers on premise
Cloud-based email
Files stored in the cloud
Cloud-based email
Cloud-based data applications

The Low Carbon KEEP Capital Grant Scheme

The Low Carbon KEEP Capital Grant Scheme allows eligible businesses to recoup 40% of the cost of buying capital items, such as IT equipment or software that will help businesses increase efficiency and reduce resource consumption. The scheme is not run by or affiliated with Strident, but we love to promote low carbon initiatives like this.

To discuss which solution is right for you and how the scheme can help, contact the Low Carbon Team 01473 835 280

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