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How much could Green IT save you?

Posted on: 15 Jun 15

IT equipment can use a huge amount of energy but by moving to energy-efficient Green IT solutions you could save thousands.

In this example, we have a typical office of ten users networked to a server providing email and files. Using our Green IT audit tool, we calculate that ten old desktops linked to an older server would use £155 per month of electricity.

By moving to new energy-efficient equipment not only do you get more computing performance but your energy usage would be halved to £72 per month. And that figure drops further if the ten users link to a cloud server instead of an on-premise server, with monthly electricity costs falling to £57.

That's a saving of £3528 over a three-year period compared to the original set up.

In addition, The Low Carbon KEEP Capital Grant Scheme (funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the East of England Development Agency) allows eligible businesses to recoup 40% of the cost of buying capital items, such as IT equipment or software that will help businesses increase efficiency and reduce resource consumption. But hurry as the scheme ends in September.

To find out more call our Green IT team.

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