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Green IT audit service

Posted on: 05 May 15

As an established IT solutions provider based near Ipswich, Suffolk, we were the first to sign up to the county’s Low Carbon Champion programme in 2010 and are Suffolk Carbon Charter holder at Gold level. Part of our commitment at this level is to actively encourage other companies to do likewise.

Our Green IT audit service helps organisations address the carbon emitted by their IT. This uses a simple measure – reduce – balance model which also evolved from our earlier research. Download our white paper on Green IT or call us to discuss your options.

The Low Carbon KEEP Capital Grant Scheme allows eligible businesses to recoup 40% of the cost of buying capital items, such as IT equipment or software that will help businesses increase efficiency and reduce resource consumption. The scheme is not run by or affiliated with Strident, but we love to promote low carbon initiatives like this.

Step 1 - Measure

The audit tool we have created is simple and quick enough to be completed online or over the ‘phone in about one minute. It provides two things: first, an estimate of the energy the organisation is using to run its IT; second an estimate of the energy, carbon and money the organisation can save if it invests in IT efficiencies. 

Step 2 - Reduce

IT is one of the main users of energy in a business and is increasingly the focus of energy reduction programmes. A report from as early as 2009 suggested that organisations increasingly see Green IT as a necessity not only to reduce energy consumption (90%) but also for corporate appearance and message (67%). Once the preserve of bigger business, there are now ways in which smaller organisations can reduce their carbon emissions from IT. Whether on premise, hybrid or a hosted solution ‘in the cloud’, there are many ways to reduce energy use whilst still maintaining or increasing productivity.

Step 3 - Balance

No matter how much you reduce your IT carbon emissions there will always be a residual amount remaining. One option here is to balance or offset this carbon using reputable agencies such as The World Land Trust.

Call us today to discuss going green. You could save 92% of your carbon emissions and 40% of your costs.

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