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Email: an essential resource that needs to be backed up

Posted on: 20 Sep 17

Despite many other technologies becoming available, email is still the number one form of business communication. It often contains vital business data, serves as reminders and to-do lists and provides historical context. It has become a highly valuable repository of business information. When combined with Calendar and Contacts, loss of this data can be devastating to your business.

Traditional on-site email servers allow backups to be made locally very easily, providing a complete picture for the whole business. Cloud-based email has many benefits but as each user connects into a off-site email store, each user's data must be downloaded separately.

Why should I backup my email?

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 removes this headache for IT administrators by backing up Office 365 email data, quickly recovering individual mailbox items and efficiently performing eDiscovery of email archives. With email holding such vital information, keeping it safely backed up is essential and may even be legal requirement.

Doesn’t Microsoft backup my Office 365 mail?

Microsoft protects your email from operational failure but if your users delete email accidentally or on purpose, only data that remains in the mailbox trash can be recovered and this is automatically removed after 30 days. If a disgruntled employee maliciously deletes their email and empties their trash folder, all their email is lost forever.

Doesn’t my computer keep a local copy?

If you use Outlook or another mail program to work with your email, it will often hold a local or ‘cached’ copy in order to work faster. Unless your computer is backup up individually, these cached versions are lost when Outlook syncs with Office 365 mail servers. In addition, Outlook will often remove cached versions of older emails as part of its housekeeping.

How does Veeam backup help me?

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 backs up mailbox items (email, calendar and contacts) across all your colleagues accounts directly from the cloud servers either to a secure store on your network, in the cloud or on Strident’s servers. The retrieval process is simple and secure and using our servers will allow us to restore large amounts of data quickly if required.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes

Our engineers are fully qualified to set up Backup for Office 365, having completed the stringent technical exams required to be a Veeam partner. You can be confident that your critical backups are being carried out properly.

To find out more about Veeam Backup for Office 365, contact Chris Joberns on 01473 835280.

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