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Dropbox for Business

Posted on: 18 Jul 16

Dropbox has been a leader in online file storage for a number of years with many people having a free personal account. Files held on one device are continuously sync’d with Dropbox’s servers and then pushed to all your other linked devices. You can share folders or just individual files with colleagues for collaboration or just ‘read-only’ links if you simply want to pass on information, perhaps a file that is too large for email attachment.

“Dropbox has built a strong reputation for the speed and reliability of its syncing software,” explains Chris Joberns, Strident Managing Director. “It has also steadily improved its apps for smartphone and tablets and its web-based applications and is widely considered the benchmark for this type of online file storage."

Work locally and on the web

“One of key aspects that users enjoy is the fact that you can work on files locally,” adds Chris. “You can work in a traditional way with locally held files that are available for backups and email attachments. The only issue is that all folders and files must be in a ‘master’ Dropbox folder.”

Dropbox for Business builds on its proven expertise and adds in some essential business features. Users benefit from unlimited file recovery and version history, allowing them to download older versions of files from Dropbox even if they've been overwritten or deleted locally. This functionality extends to editing shared files between users, allowing file changes to be recorded by each user rather than overwriting each other.

Security built in

As files are synchronised to the cloud, Dropbox uses 256-bit AES server-level encryption and there is the option of two-step authentication for added security. You can remotely wipe stolen or lost devices with Dropbox accounts installed.

Administrators have a console for management of staff accounts, report generation and account payments and Dropbox will integrate with SSO (single sign-on) using Active Directory. Administrators can set sharing permissions to ensure certain folders and files are not shared outside the organisation.

Works with Microsoft

In addition to working locally, Dropbox now works with Microsoft files in the cloud too. This allows you to open and edit Word documents online using Microsoft Word online or using Microsoft's dedicated Office apps on your tablet or smartphone.

So where does this leave Microsoft's own OneDrive?

"OneDrive is built into Windows 8 and 10 to offer a seamless experience and those with an Office 365 account will get 1Tb of storage. However, the OneDrive synchronisation software is not as good as Dropbox with reports of slow performance and mishandling of files," explains Chris. Once the Dropbox software is installed it offers the same level of integration as OneDrive and superior performance. Dropbox for Business also allow offers far greater team functionality including team folders, group permissions and detailed activity logs.

To find out if Dropbox for Business could improve the productivity of your business, call us on 01473 835280.

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