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Cloud or premises? Our Hybrid Solutions offers the best of both

Posted on: 07 Apr 15

Many businesses are seeing the value in cloud-based services and the ability to work flexibly on any device at any time. The latest version of your desktop documents can be amended on your tablet and easily sent to a colleague from your phone.

Slow broadband

But for many, it is the speed of their broadband that is the major factor in moving to the cloud. "Many of our customers are based in rural locations in Suffolk and Essex where internet speed can be slow," said Chris Joberns, Strident managing director. "If a business is using file synchronisation software to share files with colleagues, a document must be uploaded and then downloaded to all shared colleagues which can put quite a strain on the connection."

Off-site backup is another common cloud-based solution and it can be configured to run at night to lower the strain on the company's internet connection. However, if this is the company's only backup solution, a slow internet connection can result in long restore times.

Hybrid Solutions

"For businesses in this situation, we are recommending Hybrid Solutions that offer the flexibility of cloud-based services and the speed of local on-premises resources. They can use Office 365 in the cloud to access their email on all their devices but store their files on a fast local server," explains Chris.

Local storage does not mean that these files are stuck in the office. Backup software can make local copies for speed and send copies to a cloud-based backup service for extra security. Similarly, users can use their OneDrive cloud storage (which comes with Office 365) to make regularly used files available on all their devices.

"Office 365 offers users the ability to view and amend documents online or on the device with dedicated apps for smartphones and tablets," said Chris. "For example, an email attachment can be opened, edited and the saved document synchronised back to the office. It gives our customers powerful productivity tools without moving to a full-blown cloud solution."

If a slow internet connection is reducing your productivity, speak to us today about our Hybrid Solutions.

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