Security & Data Protection
Data protection is paramount. Our professional data encryption software and secure UK-based backup systems ensure your peace of mind.

Secure device management

As ‘Hacking’ and data theft is becoming more prevalent, your business data and devices need to be secure. Our device management software allows PCs, laptops, servers and software to be easily managed to ensure security and smartphones and tablets can be tracked and wiped remotely. Our identity management software securely stores usernames and passwords for all staff, allowing administrators to easily manage and protect user permissions.

“With 22 servers and 130 PC’s in 9 locations plus 120 mobile devices, the Strident online management system is essential and allows me to easily monitor any issues,” - Andy Smith, Aspect Contracts Ltd. Click the video to view.

Data protection

Sensitive business data is stored on computers as files directly on the hard drive or as local copies of emails and their attachments. Strident Data Protection software uses highly secure 256-bit AES encryption to safely protect hard drives, removable media, files and email. The protection software is active on device power-up and protects the data even if the hard-drive is removed; ideal for laptops and USB drives where there is a greater chance for loss or theft.

"Client confidentiality is paramount and Data Protection software ensures our data is secure and we meet all legislative requirements." - Steven Phillips, Company Director at John Phillips & Co Ltd.


Online backup

Our online backup and archiving solutions offer secure, scalable off-site data storage that eliminates expensive on-site network resources and significantly reduces administration complexity. Working with leading UK-based provider, Rise, our cloud-based virtual servers can replicate all on-site server tasks, protect you from hardware failure and ensuring your business continues to function even if disaster strikes.

The secure online back up system covers our mission-critical data. It is an automatic system that continuously updates with the latest data," Leon Parker, IT Manager at Magnus Group. Click here to read the case study.