Messaging & Communications
The latest communication technologies keep you in touch with colleagues and customers no matter where you are.

Cloud-based technology

Cloud-based telephony (VoIP) enables sophisticated communication options and reduces call costs. Calls can be easily forwarded to differing users with call policies configured simply through a web-based management dashboard.

"Strident provided a VoIP system with a voicemail to email solution that means we can react straight away to customer requests even when we're out of the office," says Caroline Fright, Eco Control Systems. Click the video to view.

Cloud-based communications

Moving your email, calendar and contacts to a cloud-based system can make you more productive, allowing you to stay in contact at anytime on any device. Huge storage space and powerful search facilities ensure you don’t have to delete anything and you can easily find it.


Video conferencing

Moving to Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange in the cloud removes burden from your servers, lowers infrastructure costs and provides greater security. When combined with instant messaging and video conferencing, you can easily stay in touch with colleagues and customers using formal and informal channels.