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Keep mobile devices under control

Posted on: 28 Apr 16

For you and many of your colleagues, you’ll have access to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones either provided by the company you work for, by yourself or both! You may want to be able to access your business emails and data as well as your personal email files on the same device. But how do you do all this and keep company data secure?

A policy based purely on trust

Many businesses provide colleagues with a laptop and smartphone where it is deemed necessary but often users will have own devices too to access personal accounts, such as email and lifestyle apps. This means they’ll either have to carry multiple devices or they’ll want to be able to access both work-related and personal data on the same device. Indeed, there has been a rapid growth in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which means that users provide devices that businesses cannot justify; users get an improved work experience (fewer, better devices) while businesses may avoid some capital costs.

However, this can be real headache for business owners and IT administrators and often results in an IT policy based purely on trust. Many businesses will have suffered from users accidently or deliberately copying sensitive business information. Perhaps taking a copy of the customer list before setting up on their own or mistakenly sending financial information to personal contacts.

Users want a simple life, data owners want security

While it is easy of IT administrators to lock-down business owned devices, it is much harder to take control users’ personal devices. Some devices, such as iPads do not provide multiple logins so personal apps sit alongside business resources. If that device is shared within the family, business data could be accessed by unauthorised users.

Users can take advantage of business applications, such as a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, and install apps such as Outlook, Word and Excel and they may also with to use apps such as Dropbox for both work and personal. In addition, providing multiple log ins details for multiple apps causes problems for both users and administrators as well as providing a less secure environment.

Microsoft EMS separates data securely and easily

To address these problems and provide greater control Microsoft has developed The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), a comprehensive cloud solution that can manage identities, devices, apps, and data. EMS includes three products: Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Azure Rights Management Services.

Tightly integrated into Office 365 accounts and applications or available stand-alone, EMS offers great control for administrators while giving users ease and flexibility. Single sign-on means users have to only remember one username and password to access apps and data on all their devices with support for Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone and more than 2,500 popular SaaS (Software as a Service) apps such as Dropbox and Salesforce.

Stay in control with two-factor authentication and simple device registration

Users are free to use personal or business devices and every device they use to access corporate data is registered on Microsoft Intune. Employees can register and manage their devices as well as install corporate applications from the self-service Company Portal. This allows IT administrators to see which devices are being used and call upon functionality built in applications like Outlook and Word to control how that information is used. For example, it can prevent data from being copied and pasted to personal applications.

Two-factor authentication is available either as part of Office 365 or integrated into Intune. With the user mobile number registered on the system, Microsoft will send an authorisation code when a device tries to log on. This temporary code must be entered in addition to the password and protects the account from unauthorised access even if the username and password is known.

Microsoft Intune manages mobile devices and applications and desktop computers from the cloud. This means it is easy for administrators to deploy and manage all devices from one system and ensures user get the same experience on each device with access permissions synchronised across all devices.

If you want a device management system that rewards your users while maintain secure control of your data then speak to us about Enterprise Mobility Suite.

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