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Is your backup consuming too much time?

Posted on: 13 Oct 16

Every business owner knows that it is essential to back up the company data, the information that is the lifeblood of the business, and keep that data off-site. However, many small businesses are relying on tape backups every night and backing up all their data. This requires manual input, remembering the right tape, remembering to take it home. And while it may seem robust, tapes are mechanical and can easily corrupt.

Rapidly falling prices for cloud storage means that backing up all your data to the cloud is a realistic option even for bigger businesses. Online backup offers many benefits and is often a good first step in moving your business to fully operate in the cloud.

Online backup works continuously in the background

Strident Online Backup software works continuously in the background to upload your data to secure cloud servers. You can choose what data is saved and once a full back up has been completed, only data that has been recently changed is uploaded resulting is a fast backup system that is always up to date. Because you aren’t backing up all your data each night, backups can be completed quickly even on slower internet connections. No user actions are required, simply save your file and Online Backup will do the rest.

Your files are encrypted and secure

Online backup can encrypt your data before it is uploaded to the cloud. This prevents anyone from accessing the information and help meets legal requirements for securing any customer data. The data is held in secure facilities where its stored on multiple drives to secure against hardware failure and corruption.

You can recover your data when and where you need it

Backing up data is an essential part of Disaster Recovery but being able to access and use that data in a time of crisis is often overlooked. If a tape drive is lost in a fire, securing compatible hardware may take days particularly if it is an older model, leaving you no way to access your data. Online backup allows you to recover some or all of your data as you need it to a new machine, ideal if you need to moves premises temporarily in the case of a flood for example.

Online backup is a reliable way to secure your data off-site without worrying about manual intervention and all the issues that can bring. If you’d like to speak to Strident about secure online backup, then call Chris Joberns on 01473 835 280.

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