Software development

06 Feb 17
Bespoke software central to Castons productivity

Castons’ bespoke information and project management system keeps all the business information organised.

20 Dec 16
New legacy application support service

We have a proven background in supporting legacy applications and transitioning them from aging to newer technologies.

16 Dec 16
Boosting our professional development team

Martin Packwood, an experienced developer and team leader, joins our team to focus delivering quality software.

07 Dec 16
Software as a Service

Software as a Service provides cloud-based, on-premise and mobile software development to SMEs as an affordable and manageable service.

19 Aug 16
5 business benefits of web-based applications

Almost any desktop application can be converted to a web-based application and Corey Gibbs explains 5 business benefits of doing so.

05 Aug 16
Kate joins our Development Team

As our development team continues to expand, Kate joins to help deliver and market the next version of ShowBiz.

02 Sep 15
New developer joins the software team

James Bartram has joined the software development team with a focus on web-based solutions

05 Aug 15
Software that does what you want

Stuart Hawes, software development manager at Strident, dispels some of the myths and explains the benefits in having a program that is tailored for your business.

20 Jul 15
RoboCup at Holbrook Primary School

Strident sponsored the Holbrook team in a great robotics competition that introduces children to programming in a fun environment.

30 Jun 15
Distinction for our software developer, Alex.

Software development apprentice, Alex Benford, achieves distinction in his programming training.

30 Jan 15
ShowBiz - software development by Strident

Strident has been developing application software since 1995 to provide a comprehensive ICT offering to businesses in East Anglia.