16 Feb 18
Phishing and Spam

A guide to spotting and preventing phishing and spam emails

31 Jan 18
UK Data Protection Bill builds on GDPR

Under the UK Data Protection Bill, a serious data breach could carry a criminal conviction for directors.

25 Jan 18
Strident Cloud Backup keeps laptop users safe

If you lose or have your laptop stolen, the last thing you need is to lose your latest data as well. Strident Cloud Backup is the hassle-free way to stay backed up.

19 Jan 18
New SAMS keeps you up to date and safe

The latest version of Strident Advanced Monitoring System helps to prevent malware and ransomware attacks.

11 Jan 18
Secure your Office 365 email with two-factor authentication

You can reach your Office 365 email from anywhere. Adding Microsoft's 2FA helps prevent others from doing so too.

14 Dec 17
Protecting your sensitive information with encrypted emails

We are sending all sensitive information via encrypted email and you can too.

15 Nov 17
Data security briefing highlights GDPR impact

Our successful data security briefing highlights the wide-ranging impact of the General Data Protection Regulation.

27 Oct 17
Easy online back up for documents

Back up your documents and spreadsheets quickly, easily and securely to the cloud.

20 Oct 17
Aspect Contracts achieve GDPR compliance

Asbestos contractor, Aspect Contracts, understands the importance of regulation and data security and took a professional approach to GDPR.

13 Oct 17
GDPR Data Security Briefing on 15th November

Join us on 15th November at Trinity Park to find our more about GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018 and these are the 9 critical issues your IT support company must address.

20 Sep 17
Email: an essential resource that needs to be backed up

If your email is based in the cloud, how do you back it up? Use a professional back up system to take away the worry.

10 Aug 17
Impersonation attacks

Are your internal emails really from your colleagues? Detailed impersonation attacks aim to trick users.

17 Jul 17
Get GDPR compliant with Microsoft’s help

The stringent General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, comes into effect on 25 May 2018 and Microsoft will help you become compliant.

07 Jul 17
Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an easy way to added greater security when accessing your company VPN and other services.

21 Jun 17
Case Study - Challs

Challs, manufacturer of leading household brands, knows the importance of robust backup strategy following a fire.

09 Jun 17
Fast, secure off-site backups

Discover how a combination of Network Attached Storage and Online backups give Strident customers speed and off-site security.

20 Apr 17
Is your business ready for GDPR?

What is General Data Protection Regulation and how does it is affect small businesses in Suffolk? Chris Joberns gives an overview of what’s involved.

17 Mar 17
Bruntons secures customer data

Data encryption underlines the professional approach at Bruntons to keep customers' information safe.

02 Mar 17
Protect your business from unsafe email

Email is such a core business activity that, of course, hackers are using it to gain access to your private information. Protect yourself and your business.

27 Feb 17
Veeam Backup for Office 365 email

Email is used as an archive of business information, actions and agreements. Keeping it safely backed up is essential and may even be legal requirement.

13 Feb 17
Data encryption protects your business and customers

Data Protection Act requires that data is ‘kept safe and secure’. Encryption can help you meet your legal obligations.

13 Oct 16
Is your backup consuming too much time?

Many businesses are backing up all of their data to tape every night but there is a better way.

23 Jun 16
Disaster Recovery that works when it all goes wrong

Backup is not the same as Disaster Recovery and being able to access and use that data in a time of crisis is often overlooked.

28 Apr 16
Keep mobile devices under control

How do you keep users happy and data secure across personal and work devices? Chris discusses Microsoft's security suite.

24 Feb 16
Desktop Monitoring

Desktop Monitoring is one of the latest security systems that keeps your business, customers and users safe.

30 Oct 15
What does Data Protection mean for you and your customers?

High profile data breaches seem to be hitting the headlines on a regular basis with Talk Talk and Marks and Spencers suffering in the past two weeks. What are your responsibilities?

05 Oct 15
Data Protection

The Data Protection Act requires that your data is ‘kept safe and secure'. Are you relying on login passwords or is your data and your business properly protected?

25 Sep 14
Magnus Group - Online Backups

Magnus Group, based near Ipswich, Suffolk, offers a complete logistics solution including distribution, warehousing, global export shipping, customs clearance and UK imports.

05 Apr 13
Have You Planned For Retirement?

Windows XP will be retired on 8th April 2014 but we can offer you a hassle-free way to move from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8.