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16 Feb 18
Phishing and Spam

A guide to spotting and preventing phishing and spam emails

13 Feb 18
Our road to ISO27001

We always strive for best working practices and we've completed the first of two stages in our ISO27001 accreditation.

31 Jan 18
UK Data Protection Bill builds on GDPR

Under the UK Data Protection Bill, a serious data breach could carry a criminal conviction for directors.

25 Jan 18
Strident Cloud Backup keeps laptop users safe

If you lose or have your laptop stolen, the last thing you need is to lose your latest data as well. Strident Cloud Backup is the hassle-free way to stay backed up.

19 Jan 18
New SAMS keeps you up to date and safe

The latest version of Strident Advanced Monitoring System helps to prevent malware and ransomware attacks.

11 Jan 18
Secure your Office 365 email with two-factor authentication

You can reach your Office 365 email from anywhere. Adding Microsoft's 2FA helps prevent others from doing so too.

19 Dec 17
Investing in business as well as technical skills

We are constantly investing in colleagues’ technical IT skills but we ensure our business skills are up to scratch too.

14 Dec 17
Protecting your sensitive information with encrypted emails

We are sending all sensitive information via encrypted email and you can too.